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Using Trigger Marketing to Attract Customers & Grow in 2023

Happy New Year – welcome to 2023. The beginning of the year is a good time for strategic planning conversations, and we hope you include more trigger marketing plans in your vision for 2023. Let me tell you why and how you can rely on Speedeon’s capabilities to do more with less!

The Benefits of Trigger Marketing

As each year passes, departments are shrinking while workloads grow. The easiest way to maximize your outreach with minimal effort is through trigger based marketing campaigns. Automated campaigns are easy to plan and implement and are an opportunity to have the biggest impact with the least amount of effort.

If you are looking to implement marketing triggers and aren’t sure where to start, now is the best time to use our life event data as it relates to consumers experiencing major changes like new movers, recently engaged, recently married, recent grad, and newly pregnant. Our data regarding fitness, nutrition, and wellness can also help you.

How to Use Trigger Based Marketing Data

When planning your trigger campaigns, use the data to help you determine your messaging. Event-triggered marketing content can be sent to a maximum number of people per month. Don’t worry about over-communicating. All campaigns have built-in suppression levels to ensure communication is timely and spread out evenly among your target audience. Ultimately, it’s about letting the data work for you to identify the best targets for your products and services. 

Automation is vital for growth and helps you avoid repetitive marketing tasks. 

You can run automated trigger marketing campaigns however you want them to and include multiple touches for responders and non-responders. If you like to learn more about this feature or AudienceMaker in general, please contact [email protected].

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