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Founded on experience. Thriving on passion.

Want to partner with a smart group of folks whose energy level makes a cup of coffee nervous? For well over ten years now, Speedeon’s founder – Gerard Daher – has worked hard to assemble a team of gritty, experienced and pragmatic leaders. So why do employees and clients come… and stay? Speedeon puts people at the center of everything they do. And that’s why clients see results and employees feel valued.

Who we are

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gerard daher
Gerard Daher


neil barry
Neil Barry


lindsey kaiser speedeon chief product officer
Lindsey Kaiser

Chief Product Officer

dan mccoy chief revenue officer
Dan McCoy

Chief Revenue Officer

maureen bagley chief technology officer
Maureen Bagley

Chief Technology Officer

linda montgomery
Linda Montgomery

Chief Financial Officer

lori bruss vp marketing
Lori Bruss

VP, Marketing

brandon mathias vp analytics and data engineering
Brandon Mathias

VP, Analytics and Data Engineering

justin nelson vp customer success
Justin Nelson

VP, Customer Success

amy albert
Amy Albert

VP of Operations and Production

scott ottenweller
Scott Ottenweller

Director, Client Strategy

david milam director software engineering
David Milam

Director, Software Engineering

roger mills
Roger Mills

Director of Product Management

vicky colby
Vicky Colby

Director, Accounting

grace abrahams product owner
Grace Abrahams

Product Owner

ben elson
Ben Elson


jenni glomb
Jenni Glomb

Sr. Product Manager

holly hepburn data and vendor manager
Holly Hepburn

Data and Vendor Manager

rachel katich
Rachel Katich

Sr. Account Manager

cody kersting data solutions architect
Cody Kersting

Data Solutions Architect

alex king
Alex King

Sr. Operations Analyst

john lavelle
John Lavelle

Accounting Manager

jess matusik
Jess Matusik

Account Manager

margaret miceli
Margaret Miceli

Director, Human Resources

jen moissis
Jen Moissis

Operations Analyst

sara mooney quality analyst
Sara Mooney

Quality Analyst

ed overstreet
Ed Overstreet

Operations Analyst

anthony pauley
Anthony Pauley

Chief Revenue Officer

ed streich
Ed Streich


matt whipple
Matt Whipple

VP, Marketing Services & Campaign Strategy

dale wilson
Dale Wilson

Database Architect

amanda coe
Amanda Coe

Director of Brand and Creative

grace abrahams
Grace Abrahams

VP, Client Strategy

shaheen khan quality assurance analyst
Shaheen Khan

Quality Assurance Analyst

shansa vaidja speedeon's account manager
Shansa Vaidja

Account Manager

rosalyn johnson
Rosalyn Johnson


pat swallwell speedeon account executive
Pat Swallwell

Account Executive

james smith cloud infrastructure engineer
James Smith

Cloud Infrastructure Engineer

isaac linder speedeon web developer
Isaac Linder

Web Developer

hannah milgrom customer success manager
Hannah Milgrom

Customer Success Manager

brennan bennett
Brennan Bennett

Data Scientist

edwin ford information security compliance analyst
Edwin Ford

Information Security Compliance Analyst

weijia wang senior java developer
Weijia Wang

Senior Java Developer

bruce biegel
Bruce Biegel

Board of Advisors Member

tania morr
Tania Morr

Board of Advisors Member

brian rainey
Brian Rainey

Board of Advisors Member

fred neil
Fred Neil

Board of Advisors Member

jonathan slain
Jonathan Slain

Board of Advisors Member

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