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Quickly discover hard-to-reach answers with AudienceMaker. The era of generic profile reports is over. Elevate your consumer intelligence by crafting tailor made audience profiles for your brand – fast.

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Unleash the full potential of analytics with the richest data.

From income to binge-watching habits, tap into thousands of data variables. In a matter of clicks, access rich consumer intelligence to learn more about your customers and prospects. Go from insights to action and use this same data to build target audience lists.


AudienceMaker makes collecting “a-ha!” moments as easy as 1-2-3.

Upload your audience.

Choose the list of people you want to learn about.

Pick your data.

Choose from any of our 1000+ variables. It’s all included.

Dive in.

See how your audience stacks up against the rest of the population.

Share the love.

From creative to media to product, spread the wealth of insights.

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Become a customer whisperer.

Growth-focused teams know data is key to understanding customers and identifying valuable prospects. Here’s why marketing teams get value from AudienceMaker on day one.


Start with a free custom analysis - on us.

Not sure if AudienceMaker can answer your tough questions? Let us profile your unique audience and see what we can discover together.

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Put your audience on the map - literally.

AudienceMaker uses GIS mapping to visualize your key audiences. This makes location focused decisions a snap.


Can your team benefit from better insights?

If you match one of these factors, deeper intelligence could change the game.

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Understand key audience segments and budget intelligently.

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Fuel creative strategies and dazzle clients with market intelligence.

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Discover untapped markets and opportunities.

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