Data-powered strategy delivers a direct response— online and in-store.

Understanding shoppers and empowering dynamic communication can take you from “unsubscribe” to “add to cart”.

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Engage consumers — win loyal customers

Shopper behavior has never been more dynamic. Retailers are chasing audiences as they switch apps, devices, and shopping environments. From email lists to loyalty programs to past purchases, smart marketers are realizing first-party data is key to winning the battle for attention – and dollars.

Speedeon helps brands use first and third-party data to:

Speedeon has been instrumental in the growth of our business since we began our partnership. They are a great partner and we always look to them for strategic guidance on our acquisition marketing efforts.
Payton Campbell
Director of Performance Marketing
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Fighting for shopper attention without data? Yeah, you’re gonna lose.

We know that the data, while just a fraction of the total cost of a campaign, can be the greatest driver of success. We believe that the right audience with the right offer at the right time enables marketers to surpass their goals.

Right Person
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Find prospects primed to spend in your category.

Right Offer
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Personalize your approach with deeper data.

Right Time
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Connect in major buying moments.

Why Data Matters to Retail


of consumers purchase more from retailers that provide a personalized shopping experience across channels.


of marketers say poor data quality impacts their ability to target consumers with the right digital ads.


of people will discuss mail from a retailer they have purchased from before.