Marketers, meet your new neighbor: movers.

Speedeon captures key mover moments – before,
during and after the move.

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new movers marketing for families

Movers switch brands and spend big.

Marketing to movers is a strategic investment—if you reach the new neighbor faster than the competition. Speedeon’s new mover file gives brands a plug-and-play solution to easily reach people on the move, delivering personalized offers when people are primed to spend or switch.

Know your mover

Many mover data sources will provide addresses, not people. Knowing that the occupant of 123 Main Street just moved is interesting. Understanding that this new mover is Amy Jones and just relocated to a new market territory of yours, with her 3 children and a dog? That’s actionable.

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Our data moves alongside movers.

Not all movers are alike. We refresh our data daily and help you identify the top characteristics of the movers most interested in your brand right now.

Speedeon has been an indispensable partner in building our direct mail program at Ladder. They handle everything from model building to production and analytics with great professionalism and attention to detail.
Conor Coughlan
Marketing Director
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Our segments, your perfectly timed offer

From finding the right shade of paint that makes their listing pop to buying the best home security system, movers need different things at different times in the moving process. Follow their consumer journey to find the right time to drop an offer.

Pre-Movers Home Listed
mover data for home listed

Early pre-movers are looking for mortgages and fixing up their houses.

Pre-Movers Under Contract
new mover data on pre-movers

Late-stage pre-movers are focused on the move itself.

New Movers
mover data for home listed

New movers are settling into their new home and neighborhood.

See our data in action

When consumers are on the move, so is our data. See what a difference it makes to catch movers when they’re primed to discover your brand.

National Hardware Retailer Increases ROI & Customer Retention
An insurance brand successfully sells an unconventional product.
A luxury home goods brand expands beyond social for acquisition.
A furniture retailer taps into direct mail to boost ROI.
A retail bank turning modeled movers into high-value accounts.

Open the door to these resources

No two movers are alike—their complex behaviors and attributes make some perfect for your brand, while others are not. Speedeon handles all the data analytics, and you get a perfectly tailored audience that’s ready to move on your offer.

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It’s time

Are you ready to make a move?

60,000 people will move today. If you want to reach them, let’s strategize.