Be in the know

Know the instant your best customers and prospects are in-market.

DATAWATCH gives marketers the edge you need in an
ultra-competitive world: the element of timing.

data monitoring for life's special moments
data monitoring like a video doorbell

DATAWATCH - it’s like a video doorbell for your CRM.

Knowing who your target audience is important. But what about the right time to reach them? DATAWATCH answers that question. Now you can launch personalized, trigger-based marketing strategies that drive consistent, ongoing results.

With DATAWATCH, you can:

Making real-world and digital data actionable.

We monitor life events and live intent. Whether your customer has just listed their home or is hitting the web to finance their next one, DATAWATCH makes sure you’re the first to know.

data monitoring on consumers life events

When consumers experience life events that change their needs, you’ll know.

online consumer behavior

By partnering with Jornaya, we connect your offline audience to the digital in-market behaviors they’re signaling.

Reduce Churn

Insurance Provider Wins Big with Timely Personalization

By using DATAWATCH, a top-5 insurance provider was able monitor current customers for life events. Understanding major changes like moves, changes in marital status and parenthood allowed for better upsell and cross-sell messaging to drive 4000 incremental policies.

DATAWATCH solutions

The right audience at the right time = marketing magic.

data analytics on family moving house
data platform for people looking for opportunities

Uncover invisible opportunities.

DATAWATCH Intent monitors for consumers digital in-market intent signals. Whether they’re researching your brand, a competitor, or exploring product options, this data can trigger 1-to-1 campaigns. We’ve partnered with Jornaya, the leader in intent data, to make this possible.