Hygiene & Enrichment

Harness the power of clean and detailed data.

Data hygiene gets you accurate info, and data
enrichment gets you more of it.

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data hygiene ensures the right costumer recieves your offer

Clean data starts here

Send us your file and we’ll find and fix data that’s outdated, duplicated, incomplete, or straight-up wrong. Good data hygiene means your targeted marketing efforts will have more accurate targets.

Enhance your customer view

Not only can we cleanse your file, but we can elevate everything you know about your customers. With additional data, you can fill the gaps of missing contact information and build precise audiences based on new data points.

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Our data is the highest quality.

Don’t take our word for it. Truthset, the data industry’s leading review of data accuracy, agrees. Our above-average scores prove we’re up to 20% more accurate than competitors.

Expand your impact

If you’re waiting on consumers to give you the data and insights you want, keep waiting. Appending Speedeon’s data can give you the customer intelligence you need – overnight.

Uplevel your CRM

With Speedeon, you could know so much more about your customers.

Full Name
Contact Data
Behavioral Data
1000+ Data Attributes
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Send a happy birthday smile.

You’ll be smiling too. Why? Birthday marketing works, generating 5X the number of transactions compared to regular promotional offers.


Get clean, comprehensive data today.

If dirty data is slowing you down or you need to boost your customer IQ, let us clean and enrich your data.

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