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Speedeon Continues to Rank High in TruthSet’s Q1 Scoring

Author: Lindsey Kaiser,Chief Product Officer, Speedeon

“Best in the market!”

“Most accurate data available!”

“Data ranked #1!”

We’ve all seen the claims over the years from data providers, and I’m sure I’ve made a similar statement at some point. Whenever I see something like that, my first question is always, “According to whom?”

For so long, the buyers of marketing data have been left to wonder, “How do I determine the accuracy of the data I’m buying?”. Throughout my own career, I’ve always believed there should be a File Of Truth (can you hear the echo?) that could measure the quality of data being provided. A file that said, “Hey everyone, here is the information for 100,000 real people! Actual ages! Real, verifiable locations! Honest-to-goodness names!” As my time in data marketing grew longer, my hopes of finding such a file grew more and more dim.

Enter Truthset.

In 2019, they set out to solve the exact thing our industry has been missing.

Truthset is a data intelligence company focused exclusively on validating the accuracy of consumer data. The company helps brands build trust in data and improve the performance of data-driven decisions.

Truthset does not sell data and is not a data broker; it compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record that can be used to validate the accuracy of data and power more accurate consumer interactions.

From the moment Speedeon became a data partner with Truthset, our team has been excited each quarter to get the results of our consumer data scoring. We are eager to learn where we can provide value for our customers and prospects, and just as important, how we can improve.

In Q1 2021 Truthset scoring, Speedeon showed highly accurate data across many key categories, specifically those related to movers / residency.

  • Speedeon ranked in the top 2 among all providers at determining the state where a consumer currently resides.
  • Speedeon is 14% better than other providers in accurately asserting whether a consumer is a renter.
  • Speedeon had high-quality household income data, scoring an Truthscore™ Index of 106 overall (6% higher than average).
    • Within household income, Speedeon excelled at determining consumers that earned lower household income with a Truthscore™ Index of 110 (10% better than average) where they ranked the best among all providers.
  • Speedeon is a top provider of determining if a household owns a dog – Ranked in the top 3 of all providers.
  • Continuing from Q4 2020, Speedeon again had accurate data on Hispanic consumers, ranking among the top 3 of all providers with a Truthscore™ Index of 106 (6% better than average)

This is a game-changer for brands that are working with third-party data and Speedeon is proud to be a part of it

Concerned about data accuracy?