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Holly Hepburn
I’m momming while working over here 99.9% of the time, so for me the remote work and flexible hours are the absolute best!
Justin Nelson
The work-life balance that Speedeon makes available to team members by offering flexible hours and remote work is a breath of fresh air.  Speedeon truly understands how hectic life can be at times and goes above and beyond to makes sure that team members are set up for success.
Rosalyn Johnson
Our company events are always nice and you take leave with great memories.
Justin Richmond
Given the family-oriented culture, there are a number of great perks that come with being a Speedeon team member. My personal favorite is that we have complete freedom to work from anywhere that has an internet connection and an outlet.
Scott Ottenweller
Remote work!  If working remotely wasn’t an option then working at Speedeon would not have been possible for me.  It’s a terrific benefit!  Also, Summer Hours is a new phenomenon for me that is greatly appreciated…:)
Lindsey Kaiser
My favorite Speedeon benefit is the paid volunteer time. It means a lot that Speedeon supports us going out and helping our community.
Roger Mills
Speedeon takes such great care of it’s employees, they look after our bodies, our mental health and our futures with great healthcare, 401k, time off and remote work benefits.”
Ed Overstreet
One of my favorite perks has got to be the employee health benefits.  They show that Speedeon is truly committed to the core value of care.  Care for their employees, families, and communities that serves as a reminder that we’re in this together for continued success.
Matt Bissert
My favorite perks from working at Speedeon are Remote Work and Office Lunches / company events. I find the remote work provides a nice work-life balance while the events give you the opportunity to still connect with coworkers and others in the company who you don’t normally get to interact with.
Amanda Coe
Having a supportive team has been very beneficial in the success of working remote.
Amy Albert
I love the remote work and summer hours.  So great to be able to spend more time with my family, with no commute and time in the summer. Both of these aid in work/life balance, especially getting 1-1.5 hours back that would have been commute time.
Rachel Katich
Being on the Speedeon team is by far the best work culture I have experienced. Even though we are a small company, everyone I work with is top-notch talent and so supportive. The company leadership is always there for you when you need them and transparent at all levels. The added perks we have from being able to work remotely to having great benefits – you just can’t ask for more!
Jen Moissis
Working remotely and having the flexible time is such a bonus and a worry-free feeling that I am always there for my teenagers.

Current Positions

Apr 16, 2024
Key Account Director

Reports to: Chief Revenue Officer Location: Remote Last Updated: 4/15/2024 About Speedeon Speedeon Data is a Cleveland-based data, analytics, and …

Apr 03, 2024
Account Executive

The Account Executive will be responsible for managing key sales relationships with active clients as well as identifying and prospecting into new accounts.

Apr 03, 2024
Strategic Partner Manager

The Strategic Partner Manager will manage and expand high profile partnerships.

Speedeon is always looking for tenacious, tough, resourceful, caring individuals who go the extra mile for their co-workers and clients. If you’re interested in having your resume on file at Speedeon, please send it to Human Resources at [email protected].