Your customers + prospects = growth

Consumer intelligence is just the first step. Unleash the value of your own data, while uncovering your next most meaningful prospects, all within one powerful engine.

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AudienceMaker is the data-driven marketing platform you actually deserve.

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Discover opportunities for enhanced customer segmentation and more impactful messaging.

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Access our prospect database with thousands of variables to build lookalike models and configure your perfect audience.

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Is your target audience moving? Getting married? Making more money? Use AudienceMaker data for perfectly timed campaigns.

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Say “buh-bye” to data blind spots.

Most marketing tools only focus on first-party data, but AudienceMaker takes a broader view by including a national consumer marketing database. From current customers to future fans, our consumer intelligence platform makes knowing and growing your audience easier than ever. Why do lean marketing teams love AudienceMaker?

Right this way for the most powerful data.

Dive into the most essential, relevant marketing data. Inside AudienceMaker, you’ll find everything from key demographics to powerful predictors like “likely to churn.” Combine this with your own first-party data and you’ve got yourself a winning recipe. Explore our data.

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Why aren’t you getting your data delivered through a platform like AudienceMaker?


Consumers in our prospect universe


Preloaded consumer data attributes


Seconds to create a predictive model


Building your perfect audience is so, so easy.

Upload your audience file.

Immediately, AudienceMaker gets to work cleaning your data and matching it to our prospect universe.

Layer on the data.

Select any of our 1000+ data variables or your own customer attributes to define your perfect audience.

Get actually interesting insights.

AudienceMaker’s dashboard delivers meaningful audience intelligence that fuels better media and creative strategies.

Activate across channels.

Download or distribute your audience for immediate activation across offline and online channels.

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Point. Click. Model.

Predictive analytics without all the delays and costs.

Based on extensive experience with predictive analytics, we have curated the top 500 variables that have the greatest impact on model creation. When you’re ready to learn more, AudienceMaker model reports even show you which variables “popped” in your custom model.

Absolutely! Once your model is ready, you can further customize it by adding additional audience filters to include only your top prospects.

Speedeon’s people-based data and available identifiers make our audiences a snap to match against online and offline platforms.

Check out our Modeling & Analytics page to get the scoop on predictive analytics expertise.

Did you miss the memo on omni-channel marketing?

The best marketing campaign strategies start with data and end with a 360-degree brand experience. Whether your people are scrolling, swiping, streaming or sifting through mail, Speedeon’s people-based data ensures you can activate and onboard your audience data at scale. Say “so long” to silos and engage your audiences wherever they are.


Your data strategy is about to hit top speed.

Ready to shift to the next gear? AudienceMaker is the ideal platform for marketers who need information fast so they can focus on growing.

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