Modeling & Analytics

We predict an increased ROI for your brand.

Use data modeling and predictive analytics to
uncover, understand, and influence your best

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Predictive analytics gives you a cutting-edge advantage.

We can analyze over 1,000 variables to understand your current customers. What makes someone a great fit for your brand? We’ll find out—so you can target more people like them.

Separating your audience into groups that will behave similarly unlocks smarter marketing outreach. Segmentation is powerful for customizing offers and messaging to drive better ROI.

We build models laser focused on your brand’s goals. Through cloning, response, lifetime value, and other predictive models, we can identify high value audiences that will drive growth.

Our team will work with you to craft the perfect test plan. These plans enable the optimization of your programs including everything from offer to creative to channel to timing and more.

What is working, and what is not will become clear using our post-campaign analysis and match back analysis. You can only improve what you can measure, so this aspect of campaign management can’t be forgotten.

Grab Everyone’s Attention—And Keep It.

Acquire New Customers
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When you can predict what type of person wants what you’re selling, you can connect with them smarter.

Prevent Churn
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If you know when your customers are about to jump, you can win them back before they checkout somewhere else.

Cross-Sell Successfully
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When consumers feel more connected to your brand, they’re more likely to consider multiple offers.

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What’s a
Histogram Analysis?

See how a histogram analysis can help you predict new data opportunities for success, all before you spend a single marketing dollar.


Does your brand need predictive analytics?

If you meet one of these criteria, and you want to improve your marketing but you’re not sure how, then predictive analytics is your answer.

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It’s time

We predict our data scientists will have an impact on your growth

We’re ready to put our data science intelligence to work—simplifying consumer behavior and streamlining your approach.