Life Event Data

Seize the moment, in the moment.

When a consumer’s life changes, so should your offer. Our life event data can help you execute dynamic milestone marketing strategies that ping the customer at the right time.

birth, wedding and house movers life event data
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Big changes create big opportunities.

Consumers experiencing significant life events are primed to switch providers or enter new categories. 

Speedeon’s Life Event data captures everything from new engagements and weddings to parenthood and living the single life. When major life events occur, our data can trigger your personalized, relevant, and timely offers to your customers, across channels. Learn how to take your cross-channel life event marketing campaigns to the next level!

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Send the most relevant messages. Ever.

Move on from interesting demographics to actionable life event moments.

Whether you are in finance or home services, we got you covered. Integrate our life event data with consumer data, services data, business data, and other sources to optimize its use. 

Is your milestone marketing strategy knocking on doors at the right time?