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New Mover Marketing: Why Movers Are a Key Target for Home Focused Brands

Moving is a significant life event that triggers tons of activity and decision-making. During this time, new mover marketing presents home-focused brands an opportunity to reach movers right when they are in full decision-making mode around the companies they will engage with.

According to our research, new movers make approximately 72 brand-related decisions and spend nearly $9,000 on products/services related to moving during the year surrounding this big life event. This provides companies in home furnishings, home security, and online grocery a chance to either make an impact or miss an opportunity.

A powerful study lays the foundation for a strategic new mover marketing campaign

Alliant, the powerful data co-op, and Speedeon have partnered to create the must-have guide to movers. This research is broken up into installments to focus on what key mover insights different industries should prioritize. 

Check out the first installment here, which lays the groundwork for understanding how this segment differs from the general population and in which weeks reaching new movers is most powerful. In our second installment of this research, we focus on how movers relate to home furnishings, home security, and online groceries. 

When it comes to movers, finding your moment matters

Movers are an attractive target for businesses that provide products and services relevant to leaving one home and establishing another. To reach movers effectively, it is essential to understand their life cycle and the various stages they go through.

This is where our whitepaper on new mover marketing focuses. By reading this report, you will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the mover life cycle and the key timeframes that are most relevant to your business. This valuable knowledge will replace conventional low-cost, high-volume “spray and pray” strategies with value-based, ROI-driven approaches. 

With data overlays, advanced data segmentation techniques, and data modeling, you can take your new mover marketing to the next level.

The report also emphasizes the importance of viewing mover data as a strategic investment rather than a marketing cost. By timely engaging the right customer with the right message, you can develop an effective multi-channel engagement strategy that will show in the bottom line.

Moving is expensive

The report focuses on three categories that are particularly relevant to movers: home furnishings, home services, home security, and online groceries. If you operate in one of these categories, this whitepaper is a must-read. It provides valuable insights and actionable strategies to help you connect with movers and build lasting relationships with them.

Home Furnishings

New movers spend ~50% more on home furnishings than the general population.

Home Security

New movers spend 150% more than non-movers on home security the week after their move.

Online grocery

New movers spent $2 million more than non-movers within online grocery.

Final Thoughts on Marketing to New Movers

If you want to reach movers at the right time with the right message, you need to understand their life cycle and the timeframes most relevant to your business. This whitepaper on marketing to movers offers valuable insights and actionable strategies that will help you do just that.

With a focus on home furnishings, home security, and online groceries, this report is a must-read for businesses looking to tap into the movers’ market. So why wait? Download the whitepaper today and take your mover marketing to the next level.


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