speedeon and truth set

Truthset Scored the World’s Data and Speedeon Came Out on Top

“Speedeon ranked #1!”

“Most accurate data available….once again!”

“Consistent high performer!”

Data accuracy is one of the most important components of data quality and it is something that Speedeon take great pride in. We know that bad data leads to faulty predictions. We also know that bad data can lead to wasted time, money, and resources. The better the data, the better the results.

Imagine this scenario.  You mail a postcard to Mary promoting children’s toys. You think Mary is married and has three children ages 2, 6 and 13.  But in fact, Mary is divorced and only has one child who is 17 years old. Do you think Mary has any trust in you and will want to purchase services or goods from you? Probably not.

Data can be your greatest asset. It drives every decision, every campaign, every move. Data can unlock greater business value and many new opportunities.

Data can come to your organization from countless sources. To stay organized and reach people with the correct information, it’s imperative to have clean, matched, good-quality data. This type of data provides you with a singular view of individuals to assist you in making informed strategic decisions and executing accurate outreach.

In order to have what the industry calls “targeted and personalized” marketing, you need to know that the data you are receiving is the highest-quality data in the industry. Speedeon is proud to partner with Truthset. Truthset is a data intelligence company focused exclusively on validating the accuracy of consumer data. The company helps brands build trust in data and improve the performance of data-driven decisions.

Truthset does not sell data and is not a data broker; it compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record that can be used to validate the accuracy of data and power more accurate consumer interactions.

Since Speedeon became a data partner with Truthset in 2019, our team has been excited each quarter to get the results of our consumer data scoring. We are eager to learn where we can provide value for our customers and prospects, and just as important, how we can improve.

In Q4 2022 Truthset reviewed nearly 100 million data records and showed highly accurate data across many key categories, specifically those related to presence of children, geography, political status and pet attriubutes.

Speedeon ranked #1 for several attributes in Q4 2022 among the “large-provider cohort.”

  • Speedeon Ranks #1 for Presence of Children.
  • Speedeon Ranks #1 for Age+Presence of Children.
  • Speedeon Ranks #1 for Gender+Presence of Children
  • Speedeon Ranks #1 for Household Income+Presence of Children

Speedeon was also identified as a consistent high performer having a Truthscore Index 100+ for at least three consecutive quarters for the following data attributes:

  • Geography
  • Political Status
  • Pets

This is a game-changer for brands that are working with third-party data and Speedeon is proud to be a part of it.

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