Marketer users the AudienceMaker platform to easily access third party marketing database to build targeted advertising campaigns.

The On-Demand Economy: How Marketers Can Use AudienceMaker to Access the Data They Need When They Need it Most

Data-Driven Marketing is the New Normal, So Simplified Access to Marketing Data Should Be, Too.

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, access to clean and robust first-party and third-party data is not just a luxury but a strategic necessity. Marketers, from interns to CMOs, need data that’s not locked away in some distant cloud. It’s about having data at your fingertips to build audiences for pinpoint targeting. 

Enter Speedeon’s AudienceMaker customer intelligence platform—a game-changer in ensuring your data is not just cleansed but connected and enriched. This tool empowers marketing teams of all sizes and sophistication levels, providing a user-friendly interface that democratizes data access. Now, everyone in the team can seamlessly tap into the wealth of insights, transforming raw data into a powerful asset for precision targeting and strategic decision-making. 

AudienceMaker makes it possible for marketers to:

➡️Quickly clean & enrich their first-party data

➡️Access Speedeon’s world-class marketing database

➡️Get instant insights

➡️Build predictive models & custom audiences

➡️Activate lists for for direct marketing

How Can You Use a Customer Intelligence Platform to Launch Hyper-Targeted Experiences with Ease?

Speedeon’s 2024 AudienceMaker use case lookbook gives marketers 10+ actionable thought-starts on how they can use the platform – and all of the amazing data packed inside – to launch data-driven marketing initiatives. Let’s take a sneak peek right now at the top use cases related to easily accessing and utilizing marketing data.

AudienceMaker Marketing Data Access Use Case:  Create Direct Mail Ready Audiences

Direct mail is often the unsung hero of marketing, seamlessly merging personal connection with targeted efficiency. According to marketers, simply adding mail improves omnichannel response from 51% to 83% – that’s 63% lift in response rates.  

Not only does AudienceMaker offer highly deliverable data that’s ready to get your brand in front of customers and prospects, the platform provides mail partner flexibility. Case in point: a national brand, once shackled by a one-size-fits-all direct mail solution, broke free with AudienceMaker. They curated top-notch audiences, retained printer choice, and the kicker? Annual savings skyrocketed to a jaw-dropping $750,000. 

That’s the impact of breaking free from the direct mail doldrums. With a national database at their fingertips, teams effortlessly crafted tailor-made audiences, proving that in the realm of marketing, direct mail is not just potent but financially savvy.

Download the full AudienceMaker Use Case Lookbook here.

AudienceMaker Marketing Data Access Use Case: Turn Life Events into Leads

To keep up with consumers, recognizing the impact of significant life events is crucial. Milestones like marriage, pregnancy, or relocation can profoundly shape consumer needs and spending priorities. 

Consider the practical application for an insurance brand: identifying newlyweds as a prime audience for life insurance policies. AudienceMaker, with its extensive database featuring over 1,000 data points, including valuable life events data from Speedeon, equips marketers with the precision to tailor campaigns to the right audience at precisely the opportune moment. It’s not just about data; it’s about leveraging timely and pertinent information to create targeted campaigns that resonate and drive meaningful engagement.

Download the full AudienceMaker Use Case Lookbook here.

AudienceMaker Marketing Data Access Use Case: Fuel Your CDP with Third-Party Marketing Data Attributes

It’s not just about what you know about your customers; it’s about beefing up that knowledge with outside info. That’s why enriching your first-party data with third-party data that then flows into your Customer Data Platform (CDP) is like unlocking a cheat code. This extra perspective is gold for fine-tuning how you deliver personalized interactions and buyer journeys.

For example, one AudienceMaker client utilizes the platform to enrich their first party data with key Speedeon data points. For example, demographics, psychographics, interests and even life events are all available for selection.

AudienceMaker Marketing Data Access Use Case: Segment Your Email Lists Intelligently

Email marketers, buckle up! Third-party data isn’t just a nice-to-have; it’s your secret sauce for supercharging campaigns. Move beyond the basics of demographics and in-house intel. With third-party data, tap into customer interests, behaviors, and shopping habits to turbocharge your segmentation game. 

For example…

  • An apparel retailer could target football fans 🏈with tailgating style ideas
  • A home goods brand could target 🤰🏼moms to be with nursery furniture
  • A financial services brand could segment people who just had a boost in income💸

The result? Hyper-personalized emails that hit the bullseye, connecting with recipients on a whole new level. It’s not about generic blasts; it’s about targeted precision that drives conversions and leaves your audience hungry for more.

See How AudienceMaker Puts Data At Marketer’s Fingertips for Intelligent Audience Creation

Dive into the magic of Speedeon’s AudienceMaker in this snappy 2-minute demo vid. Ever wondered how easy it is to tap into a national marketing database jam-packed with the freshest, most robust data? Cruise through the platform to see how to up your targeting game effortlessly. Hit play and let’s geek out together!

Download the full AudienceMaker Use Case Lookbook here.

Marketing Like a Pro Starts Requires Access to Actionable Data and Insights

In the fast-paced world of marketing, quick data access is a must for savvy decision-making. Let’s talk about actionable data—because who has time for insights that don’t spark action? Cue Speedeon’s AudienceMaker, the unsung hero of on-demand data and actionable insights. 

AudienceMaker empowers marketers to easily:

➡️Build prospect audiences

➡️Clean & enrich first-party data

➡️Export data to a CDP or ESP

If you’re serious about leveling up your marketing game, snag the AudienceMaker Use Case Lookbook. Download it now and let’s make those strategies pop! 🚀