Marketers can find more individuals that look and shop like their best customers with lookalike modeling.

It’s Not Just Hype: How Brand Advertisers Can Use AudienceMaker to Build Predictive Models for More Effective Targeting

No Data Science Team? No Problem. Marketers Can Finally Create Their Own Lookalike Models.

Predictive analytics and modeling aren’t just fancy terms – they’re like your marketing crystal ball. Imagine knowing future trends and what your audience digs before it even happens! 

WIth these insights, brands can make proactive, informed decisions. Using historical data, analytics tools and models can reveal patterns and correlations that might be invisible to the naked eye. Predictive analytics also enhances targeting precision, so marketers can allocate resources more efficiently and tailor campaigns to specific segments. In addition to optimizing marketing budgets, this also increases outreach effectiveness. By anticipating customer preferences and needs, predictive modeling fosters better brand-consumer relationships. Sounds like a win-win-win! 🎉

But for lean marketing teams, this is easier said than done. Securing data science resources can be a real headache, especially for smaller, high-growth organizations. Does this mean that these brands should miss out on all the benefits of predictive modeling? Absolutely not.

Enter Speedeon’s AudienceMaker customer intelligence platform

Think of your marketing strategy like baking a cake. Most tools are like individual ingredients – useful, but you still need to bring them all together. Now, imagine AudienceMaker as a ready-made cake mix. It’s not just a tool; it’s the whole mix with a national consumer database pre-baked inside. But here’s the icing on the cake – it also comes with layers of insights and point-and-click predictive modeling. So, instead of gathering ingredients and mixing from scratch, you’re getting a fully baked, data-rich cake ready to impress your audience. It’s the shortcut to a deliciously successful marketing campaign! 🍰✨

AudienceMaker makes it possible for marketers to:

➡️Instantly access a database of prospects

➡️Quickly enrich customer data with 1,000+ attributes

➡️Create audience models in a few clicks

How Can I Use Predictive Models for Marketing?

Unpack plenty of thought starters inside Speedeon’s 2024 AudienceMaker use case lookbook. You’ll see 10+ examples of how the platform can impact your marketing on day 1, from deeper customer intelligence to list building for cross-channel campaigns and even predictive analytics. In fact, let’s snag a look at a few of these incredible predictive modeling use cases right now.

AudienceMaker Marketing Modeling Use Case: Efficiently Acquire New Customers

Acquisition campaigns are a big deal for brands. They’re often viewed as a major growth lever, bringing in new customers and driving company revenue. Prospecting campaigns don’t just expand brand reach and awareness; they help brands stay relevant and thrive. 

But casting too wide of a prospecting net can cause major inefficiencies. For example, one auto service brand was blanketing everyone within a certain mile of their locations with the same direct mail piece. Uh oh – there’s a lot of waste. If you’re in the same boat, consider this. 

1️⃣ Upload your current customers to AudienceMaker

2️⃣ Build a predictive lookalike model in a couple of clicks to identify ideal prospects

3️⃣Layer on additional targeting parameters, like distance to location

4️⃣Activate these audience for direct marketing targeting

In less than an hour, you could be on your path to reduced spend waste, boosted overall ROI for your direct marketing campaigns and increased conversion rates.

Download the full AudienceMaker Use Case Lookbook here. →

AudienceMaker Marketing Modeling Use Case: Retain Your Key Customers

Retention marketing is like throwing a fantastic party for your existing customers, keeping the good vibes flowing and preventing any unwanted exits. By tuning into what makes your customers tick – their preferences, behaviors, and happiness levels – businesses can roll out personalized strategies that amp up the overall customer experience. No one likes to see guests leave early, and in business terms, preventing churn not only secures your revenue but also turns loyal customers into the life of the party, making repeat appearances and cheering on your brand.

Picture this cool use case. In a recent strategic initiative, a forward-thinking travel brand used AudienceMaker’s predictive modeling to forecast the evolution of new customers into specific loyalty member types. They uploaded their current loyalty members by tier (Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc). And now, the models help the hotel identify which visitors have a high likelihood of transitioning into a particular tier. The implementation of this predictive approach has opened the gateway to crafting curated customer journeys and targeted offers across all channels.

Download the full AudienceMaker Use Case Lookbook here. →

AudienceMaker Marketing Modeling Use Case: Put Your Customers on the Map to Drive In-Store Traffic

Sure, digital is hot and important. But many businesses still thrive on location-based, in-person interactions. If that’s you, consider what you can do inside AudienceMaker by combining the power of our mapping capabilities and predictive modeling easy button.

For example, AudienceMaker really came through for this growing CPG company who was gearing up to debut on Trader Joe’s and Target shelves. The brand was able to develop a look-alike model that pinpointed prospects most likely to be interested in purchasing their product. They then used the platform’s mapping tool to pinpoint those prospects located nearby the stores. The brand’s agency was set up to successfully target these potential fans across digital and social channels.

By using really rich, accurate and predictive marketing data, you too can expect results like this:

  • Effective digital CPMs
  • High onboarding match rates
  • Successful product launches
  • Better brand awareness

AudienceMaker Marketing Modeling Use Case: Take Your Lookalike Audience Across Channels including Digital

Marketers are used to riding a constant wave of change. Over the past years, iOS tracking and Google targeting changes have shaken up the status quo for digital marketers. That’s where digital teams, especially those focus on acquisition, can also find major value in AudienceMaker. 

Using the platform, you can build a look-alike model with ease in just a few clicks. Additionally, there is no black box mystery about the exact individuals being targeted or what attributes are driving the predictive models. The cherry on top?  Teams can then export and onboard audiences to your digital destination of choice for hyper-targeted, measurable campaigns.

See How You Can Easily Build Predictive Models on Your Own Inside AudienceMaker, No Data Science Degree Required

Creating models that work requires intense data science expertise. And that’s why Speedeon has distilled the science of custom modeling into an easy to use point-and-click experience. Want to see for yourself? Let’s go. 👇

Marketing Like a Pro Requires Point-And-Click Predictive Analytics

Read to uplevel your direct marketing strategy with the precision of predictive lookalike modeling? From direct mail to digital to TV, Speedeon’s AudienceMaker platform makes it possible to ensure your message reaches your hottest prospects. Hungry for more actionable ideas? Download the full AudienceMaker Use Case Lookbook here.