Truthset and Speedeon

Speedeon Scores High in Truthset’s Q2 2023 Global Data Assessment

At Speedeon, we hold an unwavering commitment to the pivotal role of data accuracy in shaping superior marketing outcomes. Recognizing the profound impact that flawed data can have on these outcomes, we are steadfast in our pursuit of excellence. Inaccurate data not only compromises predictions but also squanders invaluable assets like time, money, and resources. We firmly believe that the caliber of data directly influences the caliber of results achieved.

Imagine this scenario: you send a postcard to John, assuming he’s single, childless, and leans towards the Democratic party. However, reality unveils that John is married, a father of four, and predominantly supports the Republican party. In such a circumstance, can you expect John to bestow his trust upon you, let alone consider your goods or services? The likelihood is slim.

In today’s data-driven landscape, information flows from myriad sources into your organization. To orchestrate seamless interactions and deliver precise information, the bedrock of your strategy must be robust, aligned, high-quality data. This caliber of data furnishes a comprehensive perspective on individuals, empowering well-informed strategic choices and precision-driven outreach.

To achieve the pinnacle of “targeted and personalized” marketing, a non-negotiable prerequisite is access to the industry’s most impeccable data. Speedeon is proud to be a part of the Truthset alliance, a revered data intelligence entity singularly focused on validating the integrity of consumer data. This partnership extends beyond data vending, as Truthset meticulously assesses the veracity of individual data variables, enabling elevated levels of consumer interactions.

Distinct from conventional data brokers, Truthset’s role is to distill a credibility quotient for data providers, effectively substantiating the data’s accuracy and invigorating the efficacy of consumer engagements.

Since our affiliation with Truthset in 2019, the journey at Speedeon has been marked by quarterly anticipation for the outcomes of our consumer data evaluations. Our commitment to providing value to customers and prospects remains steadfast, accompanied by an equally robust determination to enhance our own operations.

In Q2 2023 Truthset reviewed over 100 million data records. The results showed highly accurate data across many key categories, specifically those related to household income, political party affiliation and presence of children.

Speedeon is a top 5 Truthset scored provider for Household Income.

Speedeon is a top 5 Truthset scored provider for Presence of Children.

Speedeon Ranks as a top 3 provider in determining
political party affiliation, pet ownership and age.

 This is a game-changer for brands working with third-party data and Speedeon is proud to be a part of it.

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