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Unlocking the Power of Life Event Data: Speedeon’s AudienceMaker Adds Dynamic Data Variables

AudienceMaker users have a new robust resource at their fingertips. Speedeon announced the inclusion of new dynamic data variables in our Consumer Intelligence Platform, ready for use now. This dynamic data is updating as frequently as daily and includes fields spanning major consumer life events like moves and marriages. 

By incorporating this life event data into their strategies, brands can now leverage valuable insights to better understand their key audiences and launch timely and effective marketing campaigns.

Which Dynamic Data Points Are Now Included?

Speedeon has long been known for our superior quality life event data, particularly our world-class pre-mover and new-mover data. We’re excited to make these assets available to AudienceMaker users:

  • Pre-movers
  • New Movers
  • Newly engaged
  • Just married
  • Newly single
  • Prenatal
  • New Baby
  • Change in income


What makes these data points even more powerful? The ability to custom-select specific date ranges or sub-segments that apply most closely to your strategy.

As an example, you may only want to reach parents who are expecting in June, or couples who got engaged in the last 30 days or are planning a wedding for 2025. With AudienceMaker, you can select the life event and customize the details to ensure only perfectly aligned users are included in activation or analysis.


Unlocking Powerful New Use Cases

These new dynamic data points will fuel multiple use cases for AudienceMaker users. This includes everything from learning more about their key prospects and customers to creating segments focused only on consumers experiencing a life event relevant to the brand.

Fresh Data = Fresh Perspective

Now that AudienceMaker includes dynamically updated life event data, the platform empowers marketers to overlay these variables on top of their first-party customer relationship management (CRM) data. This combination of first and third-party data allows them to better understand key prospects and customers and answer strategic questions:

  • “Is this life event meaningful to my brand at scale?”
  • “Should I change my creative or offer?”
  • “Does this life event explain major changes in spend or churn my brand is experiencing with key customers?”


Building Hyper-Targeted Segments Using Dynamic Databases

Creating and targeting the right audience at the right time has never been easier.

Marketers can still apply relevant first-party data and create sophisticated predictive models

They can also apply additional variables from our source of 1000+ existing consumer data variables. Focus on specific ages, geographies, income levels, and much more. Take that already highly-targeted audience and overlay extremely timely life event data points to ensure you reach your audiences when the message will be the most impactful.

Getting Started with Visualizing Target Audiences

One of the core advantages of the AudienceMaker platform is the ability to visualize target audiences in relation to physical locations. 

EXAMPLE: A marketer wants to identify new movers within their market area. They load their list of locations, and then select the life event they wish to examine within a defined radius. GIS mapping then highlights the consumers that match the life event (say, new movers) within the radius around all locations. These identified users can then be made into a segment which could be filtered further against 1000+ additional consumer data attributes for further analysis or activation.

Activating Targeted Campaigns

The target audience list, like the movers in the previous example, exported from the AudienceMaker platform is ready for cross-channel activation, both on and offline. Brands can reach key audiences through channels such as direct mail and digital marketing, ensuring a multi-channel approach to maximize campaign impact. By leveraging the right channels at the right time, brands can engage with customers during pivotal life events, offering the products and services they need most.


Learn More about Dynamic Data and Data Management with AudienceMaker

Ready to connect with consumers the moment it matters? Reach out to get a personalized demo of AudienceMaker today and claim your free custom audience intelligence report. Big changes in the lives of consumers typically create big opportunities for brands, but only if the brand can connect the moment it matters – with an offer that resonates. Move on from ‘table stakes’ reactive data intelligence to actionable life event moments that will drive growth today.