speedeon and jornaya press release

Speedeon and Jornaya Partner to Launch New Data Monitoring Product Aimed at Helping Marketers Identify In-Market Consumers Faster

Mayfield Heights, OH, February 11, 2022

Speedeon, a leading direct marketing and data agency, today announced the launch of its DATAWATCH Intent solution. DATAWATCH Intent monitors a brand’s ideal customers for relevant, online behaviors that signal they are in-market and ready to buy. It’s like putting a video doorbell on your CRM and Prospect database. You are alerted when your audience takes meaningful online action, like researching or shopping for the specific product that your company offers.

Speedeon has partnered with Jornaya, the market leader in customer journey intent data, to launch DATAWATCH Intent. This solution is especially powerful for insurance and financial services brands ready to identify valuable leads before their competitors.

“DATAWATCH Intent is a complete no-brainer for marketers who want to market to people who are ready to buy,” says Lindsey Kaiser, Head of Product at Speedeon Data. “Marketers believe they have digital insights, but the data is often locked up in spreadsheets and bar charts. But we make sure digital data isn’t just interesting, it’s 100% actionable. Marketers can turn on DATAWATCH Intent, and let individual-level lead insights stream in for triggered campaigns,” adds Kaiser.

Through DATAWATCH Intent, marketers can:

  • Automatically monitor their best customers and prospects for digital intent
  • Benefit from Jornaya’s view into over 400M shopping events every month
  • Discover opportunities based a user’s search for specific products
  • Identify in-market buyers in the midst of researching competitive solutions
  • Use individual-level intent data to launch triggered, automated marketing campaigns

“Jornaya’s customers have turned to us for many years to access unique behavioral data that becomes a critical ingredient into their marketing strategies,”  said Eli Schwarz, Chief Strategy Officer at Jornaya, a Verisk Business.  “This same data becomes turnkey actionable for marketers when it is paired with Speedeon’s marketing database solutions and campaigns services, which can enable right-timed communications that engage consumers when they are truly in-market and ready to buy.”

DATAWATCH Intent joins Speedeon’s life-event data monitoring solution, DATAWATCH Intel, to ensure advertisers can turn invisible opportunities into prime marketing moments. To learn more about the product and how Speedeon can help reach the right audience at the prime moment, please visit https://marketing.speedeondata.com/datawatch-intent/

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About Speedeon

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, and founded in 2008, Speedeon is a team of motivated, passionate, and forward-thinking marketers, strategists, data scientists and information technologists who go the extra mile to solve our clients marketing problems. Our clients range from emerging startups looking to scale customer acquisition, to established Fortune 500 brands looking for unique audiences and data to complement existing marketing strategies. To learn more about Speedeon, visit https://speedeondata.com/.

About Jornaya

Jornaya, a Verisk owned business, is the consumer in-market behavioral data platform that provides publishers, marketers, data analysts, and compliance professionals with the highest-resolution view of the consumer buying journey. It is the only technology platform that witnesses both first- and third-party consumer interactions in real time and across devices. Meeting consumers at these moments of intent enables businesses to shorten the distance between data, decision, and action. Jornaya seamlessly integrates with any buyer journey decisioning process or toolkit. Please visit https://www.jornaya.com/