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Luxury D2C Brand Excels with Shared Mail Marketing Program

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to reach your potential customers and influence their buying decisions. But, if direct mail marketing packages are too costly for your brand and you still prefer a similar alternative, shared mail marketing is the best option. 

With a solid strategy and effective targeting practices, shared mail can be a lucrative opportunity for brands running on tight budgets. In fact, Speedeon helped a D2C brand focused on luxury home goods maximize the benefits of shared mail using its Shared Mail for Affluent Movers Program

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What is Shared Mail Marketing?

It is a direct mail marketing service where multiple brands share a mail piece. In shared mail, your advertisement is combined with the flyers of other brands and sent to a predefined and targeted audience. Essentially, all brands in the group target the same audience group, selected based on geographic, demographic, behavioral, or other properties. 

Our Shared Mail for Affluent Movers Program is one such carefully designed package targeting high-value customers. The program targets new movers, particularly those willing to pay more for products. Therefore, it is ideal for brands offering premium products or services that appeal to the moving population. Our client, an upcoming D2C brand offering luxury home goods, was an ideal match for this program.


Why Use Shared Mail to Promote Your Brand?

The best thing about sending multiple advertisements in a single mail piece is the shared cost. You only have to pay a fraction of the total amount for the campaign and therefore, receive a higher ROI. Due to low costs, shared mail also helps you target a wider audience and attract more customers. It’s currently one of the best direct mail marketing services as businesses are striving to achieve more with less. 

This luxury home goods company wanted to expand its brand presence beyond social media ads and fuel its growth. However, they found direct mail too expensive, considering their CPA benchmarks. At the same time, the brand didn’t want to go with the cheapest option and reach consumers unlikely to be a match for their premium products. In this regard, our shared mail package targeting affluent movers was the ideal choice. It was not just affordable but also suitable for the premium identity and customer base of the brand.

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Building an Effective Campaign for Luxury Brands

As we mentioned earlier, the primary requisite of a shared mail marketing program is that all the involved brands should target the same pool of consumers. The key lies in refining your addressable audience and making it as specific as possible. This way, you are well aware of the targeted customers and can tailor your message to appeal to their requirements. 

Even in this case, we weren’t just targeting anyone in the moving population because not all of them will be spending on luxury home goods. We specifically targeted a list of affluent new movers who had the purchasing power as well as the willingness to shop with luxury brands.

It’s also important that the set of brands aren’t rivals but complementary in nature with potential upselling opportunities. Shared mail programs are more effective if the included brands are interconnected in some way. It helps in building a common theme or story around the campaign. 

In order to bring in the optimum results for the luxury home goods brands and other brands involved, the Speedeon team took a curated approach to designing and executing the campaign. We included their advertisement along with those of other premium brands to enhance the value of the brand. Our team weaved the brands seamlessly together to ensure all the offers in the mail were relevant and meaningful to the customers.


Bringing in High-Value Customers

Our highly-enriched new mover data made it possible to target high-value customers at the right time and bring impressive results to the client. The shared mail marketing program brought hundreds of new customers to the brand while also increasing the average value of the first order by 6.26%

Our team was able to do all this while keeping the marketing and acquisition costs as low as possible. We experienced a 6.89:1 return on Ad Spend, and the cost per acquisition dropped by a whopping 79%. It was also a good lesson for the brand’s marketers who were relatively new to direct mail!

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When Do Shared Mail Campaigns Fail?

Shared mail campaigns often fail because marketers cram too many unrelated ads into one mail piece, overwhelming the recipient. They split the attention of the targeted consumer – and end up delivering less value for each brand.

Also, without proper targeting, your ad can land before irrelevant prospects and only give you poor-quality leads. This leads to an increase in marketing costs, deviating from the whole purpose of shared mail. This is why it’s important to select a reliable shared mail program with data-led expertise. 

Shared mail may not offer the acute level of customization and creative license offered by solo direct mail. But it’s still a viable option, especially if you want to enhance your brand presence or spread your marketing dollars further.


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