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Four Things Your Agency Needs To Be Agile

The marketing ecosystem continues to evolve at a rapid pace—and marketing agencies must evolve with it.

In order to keep up with ever-changing client demands, you need to be extraordinarily agile. If a client wants to test a new channel, or reach a new segment of an audience, or lower their CPA by 200%—you better be ready and willing to dip your toes into some uncharted waters.

Unfortunately for you and your clients, there’s no way to both try new things and guarantee positive ROI. However, there are some ways agencies can be prepared to quickly meet the constantly shifting needs of their client base in a way that maximizes their return on marketing spend.

  1. Use Multi-Sourced Data: The Next Big Marketing Thing surely won’t succeed without –marketing data that is accurate, relevant, and timely. Be sure to work with a data agnostic marketing services provider who is able to access and evaluate multiple sources for your particular data type and audience, ensuring that your campaign is utilizing the most accurate and comprehensive data.
  2. Fine-Tune Audiences: Be prepared to use advanced data segmentation and predictive analytics to really hone in on the right people for your clients’ messages. That means fine tuning audience targets using lifestyle data and demographic attributes, identifying consumers when they are in market for your clients’ products or services using life event and behavioral intent data, and uncovering most responsive and best performing audience segments using predictive analytics.
  3. Target Campaigns Across Channels: Whether you’re testing a brand new channel, or taking advantage of an old favorite like direct mail, make sure you’re deploying a personalized message to each segment of your target audience. The more personalized each message, the better responses will be—and different messages are better suited to different channels. Come prepared with a strategy to test messages and creative across channels.
  4. Measure Your Results: Prove value by analyzing your marketing campaign data to identify responders, understand campaign results, and develop future campaign improvements that will keep your clients coming back for more. Be prepared to define and demonstrate success, and the steps you will take with your clients to achieve that success throughout this and future campaigns.

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