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The 3 Reasons Why Marketers Want – and Need – Intent-Based Audiences

Intent-based marketing data isn’t new. It has been a vital lifeline for many digital marketers’ high-performance campaigns for years. By being able to target people who are showing signals that they are in-market for a particular item or category, marketers are well on their way to solving the equation of “Right Person + Right Time + Right Offer.”

Because Speedeon is obsessed with making sure clients have access to the most impactful data available, we partnered with Verisk Marketing Solution to launch our DataWatch Intent solution. It’s a powerful way for brands to be able to monitor both their customers and their prospects for in-market actions so they don’t miss another critical marketing moment.

Now, Speedeon is taking the intent-based marketing game up a level by making DataWatch Intent data available right within our AudienceMaker platform. Putting this type of data into a user friendly, self-serve interface like AudienceMaker makes it easy for brands to quickly take action on fresh data, ultimately giving themselves a competitive edge.

Here are three key reasons that marketers should prioritize getting direct access to valuable in-market audiences through a tool like AudienceMaker…

  1. Beat competitors to the punch. Our intent data is refreshed around the clock. When a marketer heads into AudienceMaker to build an audience, they can be confident they’re tapping into an up to date pool of prospects, not people who have already entered and exited a sales funnel. With direct access to intent data, brands can meet their audience with an offer right when it’s top of mind for them.
  2. Tailor messaging based on interest levels. The data inside AudienceMaker allows users to take their targeting one step further. Of course, marketers can select from key categories like personal insurance (including life, auto and home), health insurance (like short-term, Medicare and dental), higher education, personal finance, and real estate (like home buying, home services, mortgages and refinances). But then, in many cases, AudienceMaker users can also drill down to the level of interest based on the recency and frequency of a user’s online intent signals. If someone is showing intense intent through a high volume of relevant digital behaviors, a brand could target them with a crisp and competitive offer or discount. If someone is showing light intent, they are more likely to be in the awareness portion of the sales cycle. These consumers could be shown a different type of marketing message focused on education and brand awareness.
  3. Prospect successfully across all channels. As mentioned at the start of this article, intent-based audience segments are commonplace across digital channels. But that’s where AudienceMaker kicks things into high gear. Not only can users build custom segments that meet audience size goals and align with budgets, but these audiences can also be activated for both digital and direct mail use. Imagine being able to harness the power of digital intent data, but then cut through the online clutter and instead make a “Pow!” can’t-miss statement in their mailbox.  Now that’s possible for brands who have instant access to intent data that is also connected to a world-class marketing database, just like DataWatch Intent and AudienceMaker delivers.

Curious to explore the audiences for yourself inside AudienceMaker? Request your demo here or take a look at our sizzle reel video for a glimpse inside the platform right now.