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Speedeon Joins Snowflake’s Data Marketplace

Speedeon Joins Snowflake’s Data Marketplace to Make Best-In-Class Life Event Data Available for Immediate Access

Snowflake customers can now tap into deeper insights utilizing Speedeon’s fresh, market-leading data points on key consumer life events like marriage, moving and parenthood

Mayfield Heights, OH, September 21, 2021

Speedeon, a leading direct marketing and data agency, today announced a partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company.  By joining Snowflake’s Data Marketplace, Speedeon will be able to offer users instant access to the freshest consumer life-event data. Data professionals understand that life event information can be an incredibly powerful ingredient in developing audiences, creating models and conducting business analytics.  Starting today, Snowflake customers, including data scientists, marketers, analysts and decision makers, can tap into this live and ready-to-query data from Speedeon.

“Speedeon is incredibly excited to partner with Snowflake and provide marketers a new way to access our valuable life event data,” shares Lindsey Kaiser, Chief Product Officer at Speedeon.  “More organizations than ever are relying on Snowflake to break down data silos. We knew if we wanted to reach as many organizations as possible with our powerful data, integrating with Snowflake, the industry leader, was essential. Thanks to the Snowflake Data Marketplace, we’re thrilled to know our data is available where, when and how data-driven professionals need it,” adds Kaiser.

For well over a decade, Speedeon has enabled leading brands to acquire and retain valuable customers using life event marketing data and trigger programs. By delivering highly personalized communication based on life event triggers, brands have recognized an increased response rate up to 10X of traditionally-timed campaigns. Speedeon’s data covers more than 240 million individuals and 158 million households.  Within the Snowflake Data Marketplace, users can now find Speedeon consumer data points including:

  • Premovers at time of listing
  • Premovers at time of contract
  • New movers
  • Newly engaged
  • Newly married
  • Prenatal & new baby
  • Newly single

“Snowflake is on a mission to make it easier than ever for organizations to unify, integrate and analyze the data that matters to them,” states Bill Stration, Global Head, Media, Entertainment & Advertising – Vertical at Snowflake “We are proud to have Speedeon join our data marketplace where the best of the best third-party data providers make their data available for key marketing and business use cases. Speedeon’s life-event data has the incredible potential to positively impact our joint customers.” 

To learn more about Speedeon’s life-event data available now within the Snowflake Data Marketplace, please visit https://speedeondata.com/.

About Speedeon

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, and founded in 2008, Speedeon is a team of motivated, passionate, and forward-thinking marketers, strategists, data scientists and information technologists who go the extra mile to solve our clients marketing problems. Our clients range from emerging startups looking to scale customer acquisition, to established Fortune 500 brands looking for unique audiences and data to complement existing marketing strategies. To learn more about Speedeon, visit https://speedeondata.com/.

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