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Speedeon Earns High Scores for Data Accuracy from Truthset’s Q4 2020 Data Quality Analysis

Cleveland, OH: Speedeon, a leading direct marketing and data agency, announced that its consumer marketing data sets participated, and scored well, in Truthset’s Q4 2020 Data Quality Truthscore Release. Established as the new standard in independent data quality validation, Truthset scores consumer record-level attribute data and provides insights to data buyers and sellers on data quality and accuracy.

“Data quality has always been important to buyers and sellers, but at Truthset, we are giving each side the tools needed to independently verify the accuracy of record-level data,” said Scott McKinley, CEO of Truthset. “We’re excited to work with companies like Speedeon that are leaning in to data quality scoring as buyers demand transparency in this ecosystem.”

Speedeon’s data was scored by Truthset against a cohort of other leading data providers, and achieved top ranks across multiple categories in the latest analysis including:

  • Renters – Speedeon achieved the status as the #1 provider when it comes to accurately determining renters. With a Truthscore Index of 115, Speedeon’s data is 15% more accurate than average.
  • Residency – When it comes to accurately pinning down the state and region for individual consumers, Speedeon was also the most accurate amongst all scored providers.
  • Single Individuals – With a chart-topping Trusthscore index of 120, Speedon’s ability to accurately identify individuals who are currently single is 20% better that other providers.
  • Seniors – Speedeon was able to achieve a Truthscore of 104 when it comes to accurately identifying mature adults (age 65+).
  • Household Income – Income is key data attribute for many marketers. Speedeon’s household income data also score above average, ranking 6% better versus other data providers.

In addition to these results, Speedeon participated in the ANA AIMM Multicultural Data Quality Benchmark study, conducted by Truthset in partnership with Sequent Partners.  Participants were lauded as “committed to erasing the inequities in our system that we have created, and moving forward by raising all boats,” by Carlos Santiago, Co-Founder of the ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM).

“We’re excited that there is a partner in our industry committed to providing a way to validate the accuracy of consumer marketing data,” said Lindsey Kaiser, Chief Product Officer at Speedeon. “Incorporating this feedback from Truthset and receiving Truthscores in an ongoing way will allow us to continually provide better targeting, better results, and a better data ecosystem for our clients marketing strategies.”

About Speedeon

Based in Cleveland OH and founded in 2008, Speedeon is a team of motivated, passionate, and forward-thinking marketers, strategists, data scientists and information technologists who go the extra mile to solve our clients marketing problems. Our clients range from emerging startups looking to scale customer acquisition, to established Fortune 500 brands looking for unique audiences and data to complement existing marketing strategies. To learn more about Speedeon, visit

About Truthset

Founded in 2019, Truthset is a data intelligence company focused exclusively on validating the accuracy of consumer data. The company helps brands build trust in data and improve the performance of any data-driven decision. Truthset does not sell data and is not a data broker; it compiles a likelihood of truth for any individual record that can be used to validate the accuracy of data and power more accurate consumer interactions. To learn more about Truthset, visit