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Resourceful – Tenacious – Tough

How does a smaller company like Speedeon compete with much larger competitors – and win? How do we have household name businesses as customers? Why do we have such an amazing number of customer referrals? Part of the answer comes from our fourth Core Value: RT^2.


We have an extensive tool box. But the key to it is we are always adding to it. Sometimes we do this through investment. But many times we are simply resourceful. Be it tapping the open source community in Data Science or Stack Overflow in Technology and Development or the Society for Human Resource Managers for insights into recruiting best practices. Being resourceful is both making the absolute most of what we already have and acquiring new skills or knowledge when needed.


I grew up in Philadelphia in the 70s and 80s and one of our heroes was Rocky. He could take a pummeling but still get back up. He didn’t always win but he never gave up. He was tenacious and Speedeon is too. We will continue to work on a challenge long after others would give up. We will work nights and weekends, we will catch a flight before dawn and come home after everyone is asleep. We know that we can’t overcome every issue – but we can give it every effort. There are no quitters at Speedeon.


Life is a beautiful thing and we are lucky to have it. But life is always punctuated with extreme challenges. The thing that gets us through those times is being tough. So what is tough? Don’t think that it looks like Rocky. Tough is the person who keeps a sense of humor in a crisis. Tough is the person who reaches out to help their coworker or neighbor when they themselves need assistance. Tough is what gets someone through the difficulties and arrives on the other side better than before.


Resourceful, Tenacious, Tough. RT^2. It is part of what makes us Speedeon and it is our final Core Value.