speedeon staff on their lunch break

How Our Core Values Are A Function Of Speedeon’s Success

11 years ago, Speedeon Data CEO Gerard Daher set out to create a company that would be different.

Many companies are created to fill a hole in the market—and we wanted to do that, too.  Our goal was to enable marketers to more effectively identify, acquire, and retain their best customers through more responsive, cost effective, and higher quality data solutions.

Our high quality data isn’t what makes Speedeon tick. The marketing solutions we offer aren’t what makes our company great.

What truly differentiates us is our people.

Over the years we have been dedicated to building a team of motivated, passionate, and forward-thinking marketers, data scientists, client strategists, sales people, executives, developers, designers, and more who work toward cultivating a positive and productive corporate culture.

“What we have here is precious,” said Gerard. “I wanted to create a company that not only had excellent products and prioritized customer service, but that attracted employees whose personal values and work ethic mirrored my own. I’m thrilled to look around the office and see people I know I can trust, and I know work hard every day to make our clients and our company successful.”

“We have fun here, but this isn’t a country club,” continued Gerard. “We all work very hard, we are deliberate and persistent, and we are focused on doing the right thing and what is best for our clients even when it is difficult. Together we have built a company that is truly a great place to work.”

With Speedeon’s continued growth, we felt a growing need to put our core values into words so we could effectively demonstrate our priorities to each other as well as our partners and clients.

After 10 years, it was time to finally put our values down on paper.

What we didn’t do is sit down and try to define the aspirational things that we thought would be important to us. Instead, we looked at the way we already operate, and quickly identified the best values that our employees embody every day.

It was easy for us to come up with the equation of what makes a Speedeon employee tick:

27.2: We run the marathon, then we go the extra mile. Sometimes we have to wake up at 3 am to ensure a data transfer runs smoothly and on-time—that’s just the nature of the beast, and we love it. We run alongside our clients from the start through the finish line and beyond to ensure everything goes smoothly. Nobody will ever out-work us!

R->: We are Responsive. We believe responsiveness goes beyond replying quickly to your call or email. Responsiveness is an attitude. It’s about being willing to help each other and our clients no matter what comes our way, and providing clear, concise, and timely updates or answers to ensure your program is successful. When something goes wrong we own it and fix it, right away. Why? Because that’s just the right thing to do.

Care(C4): We care about our Clients, our Coworkers, our Company, and our Community. While it is true that we are devoted to our clients’ and colleagues’ successes, we also understand that an exceptional company culture is critical to our overall strategic success. And we love to volunteer! Whether it is quarterly food drives at the office, participating at the Polar Plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics, or allowing employees to take time off to donate their time to charities of their choice: We work hard to help our greater community thrive.

RT2: We are Resourceful, Tenacious, and Tough. If you bring us a problem, we will find a way to solve it. Our entire team enjoys diving deep into any problem and fighting their way to a solution. Some might even call us scrappy (and we wouldn’t mind if you did!).

At the end of the day, we are a company who cares about doing good work with good people.