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Four Takeaways from ANA Data & Measurement

We recently had the pleasure of attending the ANA 2019 Data & Measurement Conference Presented by Google.

The theme of this conference was—you guessed it!—data, and how to measure our marketing programs and their overall impact on our businesses.

This was a great conference with a lot of insightful presentations, and we had the opportunity to talk to marketers from a variety of companies in attendance about the unique ways they are using data to solve their most pressing marketing problems.

Here are some of the key takeaways we brought home with us:

  1. What we all need to be doing: You MUST be targeting your audiences, and predictive analytics is the key that will help you identify the best people to communicate with. Andrew Hopkins, SVP – Head of Customer Acquisition Marketing at Discover Card discussed how they use analytics to create a better understanding of their best customers. With enhanced customer insights, Discover can drive positive business decisions and customer acquisition marketing programs.
  2. The problem we all need to solve: Multichannel attribution is hard when there are multiple means of measurement—and as Marc Vermut, VP of Advisory Services at Neustar, and Kevin Wachholz, Senior Manager of Marketing Analytics at The Home Depot, shared, last touch attribution is never enough. The presentation on Unified Marketing Measurement (UMM) highlighted the importance of combining aggregate and person-level insights offered by attribution models into one holistic measurement to provide comprehensive view into the success of marketing campaigns and their overall impact on driving conversions.
  3. A channel on the frontier: Addressable TV is growing in popularity, now that technology has caught up with the data. In 2016, penetration of addressable TV advertising in the U.S. sat at 46% of households. That’s expected to grow to 74% by 2020. For the audience-focused marketer looking for a new way to reach your target market, this could be a great way to communicate with high-value audiences, and, later, measure your marketing impact.
  4. A super cool use of data: Faisal Zanjani, Senior Global Director of Marketing and Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company discussed the company’s transformation from a consumer advertising company to having direct to consumer experiences with customers online daily. They note that each consumer creates more data NOW than we did from the beginning of time until 2013! Companies can leverage this data in real time to create customized, personal content that speaks to each consumer in a way that will drive action. The opportunities are endless!

The Speedeon team will be at InsureTech Connect September 23-25. Hope to see you there!