the 4 c of speedeon

Caring to the power of 4


Caring is an interesting thing; it is something that one demonstrates – not talks about. If one brags about their charity work but in actuality does very little and does it only for the recognition, then it is hollow and vacuous. But if you really care then people will know it – without you saying anything. Remember when you took creative writing in middle school? The rule was always “show, don’t tell.”  It applies here too.

So what does Speedeon show that we care about?


At Speedeon we equate our success with the success of our customers. We work with them collaboratively and many of them consider us to be extensions of their own teams. We show that we care in many different ways: quick turnarounds in delivery, clear and concise communications, work late into the evening or on the weekends, regular in person visits. While we never tell our customers “we care about you” they know that we do.


Part of the reason we care about our customers gets back to their success being our success.  We want to be successful too.  And we define success broadly: in promoting from within whenever possible, a happy life event, a fun company outing or a new academic accolade. Our recruiting and interviewing process is unique – and can be difficult – because we want the absolute best for the company. We are diligent about strategy and we look after the small things – like being on time.


What is a company without people? We know that we are the thing that makes Speedeon special, so we act like it.  When we travel on business in a group, we always make sure that everyone is safe and accounted for. When tragedy strikes we rally and do things like hospital visits or even keep our colleague’s lawn mowed. We enjoy lots of social events together and we enjoy each other’s company.  We wear lots of Speedeon swag because we like to show that we are a team.


Caring about community is more than just giving PTO for charitable service. It is more than teaching each other about the causes that we support and why we support them. We look at community as the people around us while we work, commute, travel and have fun together and we treat them with respect and kindness. We want to be the example – and to make the places around us better for everyone.

We show that we care with a focus on the four Cs hence CareC^4.