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Smart Mover Marketing Begins With The Mover Lifecycle

Many marketers have found the value in targeting movers. After all, consumers spend an average of $9,000 within three months of moving, so why not capitalize on this period of elevated spending?

A quick google search of “mover marketing” brings up 42,000,000 results—so clearly this is a popular strategy that resonates with marketers across a broad range of industries.

However, in order to engage this profitable segment, you must understand the mover lifecycle to know when to effectively target movers with your messages.

For example, there are three distinct phrases of the mover lifecycle:

  • The first is when the home is placed on the market.
  • The second is when the home is under contract, or has a pending sale.
  • The third is when a consumer has actually moved.

During each phase of the mover lifecycle, consumers are more open to certain types of messages because they are seeking different products or services unique to that particular phase.

For example, common premover purchases include contractor services, home furnishings, and other residential upgrades, along with home improvement loans and mortgage pre-approvals. And because nearly 50% of all moves are within town, cable and satellite TV or similar service providers can target pre-movers for retention offers during this transition period.

Premovers at list, who have their homes under contact, are more interested in moving and storage, truck and equipment rental, and other goods and services needed before, during, and after their move. Targeting these premovers can help brands establish important relationships with new customers and proactively retain the loyalty of existing customers before they’re inundated with welcome offers at their new address.

The purchase behaviors of a new mover, who has recently relocated, change most dramatically. These movers are interested in a wide variety of goods and services, including bank accounts, utilities, appliances, insurance, home security, furniture, and so much more.

Movers are an evolving target, whose behaviors and brand relationships throughout the mover lifecycle are dynamic. Effective campaigns must examine each stage carefully to determine opportunities for more timely and relevant consumer engagement.

To learn more about the mover lifecycle, including the variety of goods and services these consumers seek, how to refine your strategic focus to target this segment, and how to take a mover program to the next level, read our Definitive Guide to Getting the Most Out of Your Mover Marketing.